Tropfest 26 will be held on Saturday 17th February, 2018.
Tropfest 26 will be held in The Crescent, Parramatta Park, a world heritage listed venue in Sydney Australia.
YES! As always, you can just rock up and roll out your rug or park your chair on the grass and enjoy a great day and night of fantastic films and entertainment! We are a community event and want everyone to have a briiliant experience.
Yes, you can reserve a seat in our Pick Your Patch section, which means you can just turn up and not have to get there too early to grab a spot! Click here for details and to book.
We recommend you take public transport, ride a bike or walk! Click here for details of transport options and other info and here for a maps of the location and walking map from the station.
Yes Tropfest is a BYO event (however, responsible drinking is expected and monitored by NSW Police). You can also enjoy an alcoholic beverage in our licensed bar.
We have detailed information on all you need for a memorable Tropfest experience here
Tropfest kicks off at 4pm, however our food village will be open from 12pm for food, beverage and entertainment. The event will finish in the late evening, around 10.30pm. Trop Jr will screen indoors at Event Cinemas in Parramatta’s Westfield Shopping Centre, from 11am.
Yes, Tropfest and Trop Jr have a AUD$45 entry fee, payable at the time of submission
The 2018 TSI for Tropfest is ROSE; and for Trop Jr it is RAINBOW. You can interpret the TSI any way you want – be creative!
One of the most unique aspects of our competition is that every film must be made specifically for Tropfest. Our intention is to encourage filmmakers to get better at the craft of filmmaking, by making more unique content. We do this by having an annual Tropfest Signature Item (TSI) that must be included in your film. Try to make a film that stands on its own feet and include the TSI as part of the background somewhere. This will also enable your film to have a life after the Festival. How you interpret the TSI is up to you, be creative but make sure you can justify where it is in your film when asked.
The TSI for Tropfest have been: 2017 – Pineapple, 2015/2016 – Card, 2014 – Mirror, Dec 2013 – Change, Feb 2013 – Balloon, 2012 – Light Bulb, 2011 – Key, 2010 – Dice, 2009 – Spring, 2008 – The number 8, 2007 – Sneeze, 2006 – Bubble, 2005 – Umbrella, 2004 – Hook, 2003 – Rock, 2002 – Match, 2001 – Horn, 2000 – Bug, 1999 – Chopsticks, 1998 – Kiss, 1997 – Pickle, 1996 – Teaspoon, 1995 – Coffee Bean, 1994 – Muffin, 1993 – No TSI. The TSI for Trop Jr have been: 2017 – Mask, 2016 – Button, 2014 – Fly, Dec 2013 – Monster, Feb 2013 – Jump, 2012 – Juice, 2011 – Fan, 2010 – Dot, 2009 – Squeeze, 2008 – Green.
Trop Jr is a short film competition for children aged 15 years and younger. Trop Jr culminates in a Grand Final event each year, giving contestants the opportunity for their films to be seen in front of a large, live audience in Australia. Trop Jr strives to give young Australian creatives the opportunity to tell unique stories under the watchful eye of some of Australia’s finest filmmaking talent. We want our contestants to leave with life-long filmmaking and personal skills.
We encourage you to seek adult assistance (if needed) but major crew roles should be filled by kids 15 years or younger. This means the Editor, Writer, Cinematographer etc and especially the director! That doesn’t mean adults can’t help out or supervise – they can even act in your film – but just make sure that you, the filmmaker, are the boss and have creative control!
7 minutes including titles and credits.

Yes! there is no restriction on the number of entries.

No, you can film anywhere in the world with any crew.
Yes absolutely! As long as you include English subtitles.
This is fine, however please consider that the film is screened in a very large environment, with many audience members a great distance away from the screen. You should double the size of subtitling and avoid yellow shades. White on black is best in terms of visibility.
YES! You must own all copyright for or have written permission to use all underlying works included in the film including music, performance and script. Arts Law has a great website with lots of information and advice about copyright. We suggest you a read through their articles on copyright as well as their short film guide for producers.
Tropfest must be your film’s first public screening. This means that the film must not have been screened at any other film festival, or made available on free-to-air or pay TV, in cinemas, on the Internet or any other public arena. This restriction does not include cast and crew screenings.
No, there are no budget restrictions on films entered into Tropfest. We believe great films don’t have to have big budgets to be great! Whilst some films entered into Tropfest have quite large budgets we have also seen some fantastic award-winning films made for less than $200!
No. We consider this a different version of the same film, therefore if it has screened previously or otherwise made publicly available, it is not eligible for Tropfest Australia 2018.

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